Macbook finish stainless steel

The texture of Macbook finish stainless steel is inspired by the apple cut surface.we found that the texture of the apple out surface has a fine, soft low-key,luxurious feeling .it is a new type of environmentally friendly material without chemical pollution, and the manufacturing process is different from the traditional stainless steel surface ,which has improve the brightness and texture of the stainless steel surface. The uniformity and fineness of the entire decorative panel improve our visual viewing.and also elevate the product value to a new height. 


Material: stainless steel 304, 316,316L ,etc


Width: 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm,1500MM

Length: max 5000mm

Surface: Matte / Dull

Colors: silver, gold, rose gold, champagne, copper,,black 

Application: facade, wall cladding, hotel lobby, elevator interior .

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